E-motional is a Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) Practice that came to be, when Aurélie Guardino was researching emotional and mental health, and looking for practical solutions (techniques and therapies) to reduce the unnecessary suffering of her relatives and friends. She discovered the potential of Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy® and instantly thought that everyone should use this simple yet highly effective tool to improve emotional well-being.

A. Guardino's photoAurélie Guardino is an Algorithm (Alg) and Diagnostic (Dx) Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) Practitioner. She was trained by Robin Ellis (one of the most experience TFT practitioner in the UK) in 2011-12.

Aurélie Guardino has a background in Business Management. In 1999, she gained a French BTS, which is an equivalent HND in the UK. Over the years, she worked in a few areas of business such as export, programme management and finances, marketing and business development, and finally International Sustainable Development. Aurélie Guardino is a researcher; she always seeks to find practical and sustainable solutions. She is passionate about sustainable development and sees mental health as essential to achieve a better quality of life now and for future generations.

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